Space on Demand is ideal for seasonal or holiday storage, assembly and distribution. Space for short-term or special projects is a snap when space can be reserved for precisely the length of time you need it!
Significant savings can be realized through the ability to buy in bulk and take advantage of volume discounts. Space on Demand's adjustable terms allow flexibility so you can take advantage of buying bulk even with little advance notice. Save big with Space on Demand--it's there for you!
Space on Demand offers a variety of space types. Do you need a classroom or training room for academic or trade students? We have underground and above ground space options perfect for anything from specialized training to teambuilding activities. Space on Demand is your perfect teaching/instructional resource.
Imagine the convenience of a centrally located inventory storage/retrieval location, one with a flexible lease term you can use for as long as you'd like! Add a location that's minutes from the city's primary thoroughfares, and you've got a winning combination! No need to commit long-term...unless you'd like to!
Want to add an off-site location dedicated to light manufacturing, prefab or fabrication? Do you need extra space, but only for as long as the contract lasts? Whether it's a one-time or recurring project, look to Space on Demand as the practical solution.
Creative or think-tank space for meetings, design, research and development is available through Space on Demand. Think of the benefits of an off-site location dedicated to providing a focus-oriented or thought-provoking environment, rentable by the day, week or month. Space on Demand offers just that!
Contribute to the success of your young business by giving it the ultimate start in "experimental" space! Your new product or service can be launched softly in affordably priced and centrally located space with no long-term lease requirement. Minimize the risk and protect your overhead with Space on Demand!
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